Holidays are when we truly have time to focus solely on our family. It is the time when great memories, which stay with us forever, are made. Photography lets us preserve laughs, looks, goofiness, curiosity, and love... all the bonds of that time forever. My wish is to make a window in that time for you. Allowing you to be hand free of the camera and protecting you from the annoyed faces when demanding from your kids to stand still and smile. My goal is to capture your family in action doing all the fun and silly things that you usually do and to make you forget that I am even there.

To get the best possible shots I prefer to spend at least a couple of hours with you if not the whole day - from the time you wake up in your "holiday home" to the time you go to bed. I wish to capture the sleepy hugs and kisses, messy breakfasts and the bedtime story…or just the surprise on your face, when you see a tiger with only a glass between you two. 

Don't waste your holiday behind the camera. Let me do it ;)

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